Baby Rupert

The build up to delivery was slow, with contractions starting around 2am and coming and going all day. This is when the hypnobirthing techniques were useful to keep relaxed and calm.


By 8pm I was getting a bit irritated that things didn’t seem to be progressing, so I tried to relax more and keep active (and do the crab walk!) like you suggested. I also turned off my contraction timer and just relaxed, which is when it started to ramp up a bit. Contractions were still not particularly painful but were 3 minutes apart so we decided to go to the hospital at 9pm. We arrived at 9.15pm and got taken to a ward, which was not particularly relaxing. We were about to challenge this when my waters went at 9.30pm and things ramped up very, very quickly!!


The contractions started to come thick and fast and I tried to keep my breathing steady, Martin was great at reminding me of this. At 9.55pm they walked me round to the delivery room (seems crazy now, but they didn’t realise how close it all was I don’t think). I had the urge to push and that stage lasted three minutes and he was out. Martin said he was just getting the candles out and then baby R came out, so we didn’t manage to get the calm room we wanted! The pain was awful, I didn’t realise how close I was to pushing because it was so fast from my waters going, but I managed without any pain relief which is what I wanted, and we didn’t have any excessive blood loss either. The little monkey had also spun around again and was back to back, which I’m glad I didn’t know about until he was out. 


Thank you again for everything, it definitely made a huge difference to the whole experience.