Baby Aurora

Aurora was born on Monday. She was so healthy and I never knew what to expect with labour and all I can say is that is was 100 times better that expected... I felt perfect the day after birth. 


So as you know I joined the course because I wanted to know how to cope with my fear - my goodness well did it help me cope! The midwifes were absolutely shocked as to how well I coped and couldn't believe how I had my breathing down to tee... My labour was 48 hours, I have no interference until I got to 44 hours, I was 7cm dialated and I was exhausted and couldn't take the pain much longer so I landed up having an epidural at this point... Despite me not getting to the end completely natural ,I was beyond proud of myself because I wouldn't of got very far without the course and learning how to deal with it on my own


Thank you so much for your help. I had the best birth, better than I could ask for and the  recovery was just insane!