About Me and Mumma Nurture

Hey, I'm Helen, a hypnobirthing instructor and founder of Mumma Nurture.

I live in Chandlers Ford near Winchester with my husband and our three children.

My journey into the world of hypnobirthing started back in 2013 when my husband and I had one of the

biggest surprises of our lives, we discovered I was pregnant!


Once the initial shock had eased a little and the fog of ‘oh my goodness, I’m having another baby’ eventually lifted, I excitedly started googling all things pregnancy related.

It was during one of these searches, that I stumbled across the term ‘hypnobirthing’. I’d never heard of it before, but instantly liked what I read and the whole concept so wanted to find out more.

It wasn’t long before I had signed myself (and the hubby) up for a course with a local instructor. I already had one child (albeit 13 years previously) and stupidly thought I knew quite a lot about giving birth already - how wrong could I be!?


I learnt so much during that course that I can honestly say, by the end of it, I was seriously looking forward to the giving birth part (I didn’t think I would ever hear myself saying those words)! And, as a result of learning more about how the mind and body work together, along with some tools and techniques to use during labour, I really did experience a calm and fear free birth that I look back on with fond memories.

I practised hypnobirthing again when expecting my third child, and it helped me so much (especially during a rather stressful journey into hospital via ambulance). It wasn’t long after this that I knew helping and supporting other women and their birth partners in their pregnancy was what I wanted to do. So here I am!

I want to help you feel empowered enough to make informed choices so you can approach your birth with confidence and excitement, not fear, no matter how you choose to birth your baby. 

I am running The Little Birth Company Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Relaxation and Positive Caesarean classes from my studio, 'The Nurture Hub' in Chandlers Ford. I can also travel to you.

If any of my courses interest you, please get in touch.

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